Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Ladies unless you have been living under a rock than by now you have noticed that beards are the new “it” look for men. Some might say beards are part of the hipster look and some might say beards are more of a rugged outdoorsman look. My husband has rocked facial hair since we met, so I have to say I am a little partial to it. There are aisles and aisles with shelves filled top to bottom with products made with women in mind. This is not to say that men can’t use these products but let’s be honest here, very few Tresemme hair product commercials have men as the object of attention. Several companies have decided to give men the spotlight by adding products that cater to their grooming needs. My husband has tried a few products for his beard so I thought I would review them for you today.

Uncle Jimmy Beard Softener Conditioning Balm $10.99 

My husband had been looking for a product to keep his beard moisturized. He received from a friend a few sample packets of the Uncle Jimmy Beard Softener Conditioning Balm. Black seed, honey and a blend of essential oils and extracts make up the ingredients list for this product. My husband enjoyed how creamy and light weight the product felt. Once it was applied he said it absorbed quickly and made his beard feel velvety soft. He felt his beard was a lot easier to comb through once the beard softener was applied. The scent was very subtle and masculine. In my husband’s opinion the product lived up to its claim. The Uncle Jimmy product line includes Hair, Beard & Body Wash, Beard Oil, Body Lotion, Curl Kicker and Molding Putty.

Koils by Nature Men’s Beard Butter $15

Koils by Nature has been around for quite some time. The company has a reputation for providing products to promote healthy hair in the natural hair community. Their men’s line includes Beard Oil, Beard & Face Cleanser & Shaving Foam, Beard & Face Moisturizer, Nourishing Hair & Body Butter Tranquil Virility and Beard Butter. I purchased the Beard Butter as a gift for my bearded man. I was impressed by the list of ingredients for this product which include shea butter, coconut oil, avocado butter and Jamaican black castor oil, just to name a few. The first few times my husband used the Koils by Nature Men’s Beard Butter he was a little disappointed. Unlike the Uncle Jimmy’s product, Koils by Nature Men’s Beard Butter has shea butter and coconut oil as its main ingredients. Which means the product is in more of a creamy solid state. For the natural hair ladies reading, I’m basically saying the product has less slip. Therefore, it helps to warm a small amount in your hands first and then apply. Once my husband had a better idea of how the product worked best he began to like it. The scent reminds me of baby powder. Which could be a good or bad thing depending on your own preferences.

Who knows how long the beard trend will continue. With the cooler months on the way, I can bet that the trend will not be going anywhere soon. These two companies are placing great quality items on the shelves. So the next time you are wondering what to get the man in your life, whether it be a boyfriend, husband, father or brother, consider buying some men’s only products like the two I mentioned. Hey, the fellas want to look good too.

Keshia Pavey
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Sunday, 17 July 2016


Warm weather is upon us. With the sun beaming down and the heat index increasing, the natural desire for most people is to gravitate towards water. Some of us want to take our kids out to play at the beach or show off our new bikini while splashing around in the pool. Here are some tips to protect natural hair while enjoying the water this summer.

Pre Aquatic Hair Protection 

* Apply conditioner. Conditioners can be a moisturizing barrier between hair follicles and the drying elements of either salt water or pool water (which typically contains chlorine). Don’t hold back. Layer on your conditioner of choice. I would suggest putting your hair in sections and apply the conditioner to each section to be sure that all your strands get coated.

* Plan your style. Some would probably prefer to place their hair in twist or braids, while others might want to rock a bun. Whichever style you choose is entirely up to you. If you know that your hair tangles easily when wet then wearing it down probably isn’t a good choice. If you choose to wear your hair down then bringing a hair tie or scarf might come in handy just in case your free hair becomes cumbersome.

* Swim caps. Swim caps aren’t just for Olympic hopefuls. If you don’t trust simply applying conditioner, than completely tucking your hair away may be the option for you. Swim caps can be purchased from most department stores. If you think you have too much hair to fit under a swim cap there are options for you. The website has large sized swim caps to accommodate those with a lot of hair.

Post Aquatic Hair Protection 

* Dry responsibly. This might seem a little over the top BUT if you use a t-shirt to dry your hair at home, don’t feel bad about bringing a t-shirt to the beach or poolside for the same purpose. T-shirts fibers are less likely to snag our natural curls. So grab a t-shirt you wouldn’t mind being caught wrapping around you noggin when swim time is over. Or bring a cute, yet gentle and absorbent scarf that can be both fashionable and functional.

* Rinse your hair. If you choose not to wear a swim cap then don’t skip rinsing your hair after taking a dip in the pool. Just like it is suggested that you take a shower and cleanse your body
after swimming, you should cleanse your hair too. Nothing But Clarifying Shampoo and Aubrey Organics Swimmers Normalizing Shampoo are two clarifying shampoo examples available to aid with removing chemicals from your hair.

If you don’t know by now, natural hair loves water. However, the additional elements that can be found in the places we swim can make the water counter-productive to our strands. Make sure your pre-game and post-game tactics leave you with the least amount of worry about your natural hair strands.

Here are several websites for more information on protecting your hair and skin while swimming:

Were these tips helpful to you? Do you have your own tips for protecting your hair while swimming?

Keshia Pavey
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Wednesday, 13 July 2016


My husband purchased a 75 Datsun 280Z for his birthday and decided to spruce it up a bit.  We love supporting local businesses so searched for a classic car shop in our area to take it to.
After locating Scott's Custom Classics we paid him a visit, met Jay Scott himself who was very friendly and advised he could do all the requested paint and body work for $4500 in 1.5 weeks.  We left a $2500 deposit and the car.

Unfortunately a week and a half later no work had been done to the car.  He said he would be giving it to his “paint guy” that day and it would be done in another week and a half.  So 3 weeks total we should have our car back.

3 weeks turned into 11 weeks.  We found out that he didn’t give it to his paint guy he actually handed the car off to a different shop for a “cut”.   He said the work was done but the car would not be released until a further $3000 was handed over.  We gave him the money and the car still was not done. 

A week later (now into the 12th week) and we finally get the car back.  The paint job was shitty, with runs on the lower half of the frame and over spray from another paint job!  

The rear tail light did not work. 
The temperature gauge did not work. 
The fan did not work. (All in perfect condition when the car was dropped off)   
The car had extensive water damage on the inside from being left outside in the rain with the windows down.  A “classic” car shop that leaves a classic car in the rain to rot is unacceptable!

We were done; we took the car home and did not want to deal with Jay Scott anymore.  We decided to take it elsewhere for a professional cleaning and repairs.  We thought that we were finally over the whole ordeal.

3 days later we received an invoice from Jay Scott for $450.  Remember we had already paid $1000 in excess of our initial quote!  So we asked what any customer would ask for, a receipt detailing what the costs were for as well as proof of the payment he had already received.  

He not only refused to give us a receipt or proof of payment but has threatened to send the “outstanding balance” to collections if payment is was not received within 1 hour.

So after giving him 12 weeks, he gives us 1 hour to make a payment on something that he refused to tell us what was for or what our $5500 had exactly covered.

If you are interested in getting a crappy paint job, mediocre body work, a lot of excuses, ripped off and your time and money wasted than this is the shop for you.

Scott's Custom Classics
200 Fuller Rd 
Ajax, Ontario L1S7G9

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Monday, 4 July 2016


Although it can be a little nerve racking, I do enjoy trying new products for my hair. I ran out of my usual leave-in conditioner, Kinky Curly Knot Today, so I decided it was the perfect time to try something different. The Aunt Jackie’s product line has expanded. This is my first time trying any of their products. The Aunt Jackie’s Quench Moisture Intensive Leave-In Conditioner is part of the Curls & Coils Collection.

Product States:
Long-lasting moisture, slip and softness are delivered through natural conditioners, including Marshmallow Root, Shea Butter and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. An ultra-hydrating, deep moisture therapy for parched tresses. Don’t rinse it out! This mega-moisturizing and conditioning treatment helps eliminate dryness, without a heavy feel.
My Hair Type:
In the “4” family. Yes…all the 4’s…all on one head!

My Process:
After detangling, washing and deep conditioning my hair I applied the product to my hair (working within sections) and massaged it in, making sure to get a gracious amount onto my ends. I did this whole process on slightly damp hair. I then put my hair into my desired style and let it air dry.

My Thoughts:

Product Look, Scent and Texture – The product had the consistency of a silky and malleable conditioner. It spread through my hair smoothly and with very little resistance. There was no residue, the product seemed to absorb into my hair quickly. The scent was similar to most conditioners that I have come across in the past. It was very similar to Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-in Conditioner probably because of the marshmallow root.

Results – The next day my hair felt moisturized and soft. There was no lingering scent. My hair was still detangled. I think this product was a good introduction to the Aunt Jackie’s product line for me. I am very interested in trying more of their products and probably using this product in combination with some of their other products like the In Control Moisturizing & Softening Conditioner. I am also hoping to try their new Flaxseed Collection.

I hope this product review was helpful. Have you tried any products from the Aunt Jackie’s product line? Which products? What did you think of it?

Keshia Pavey
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Friday, 29 April 2016

Golden Parnassus Resort and Spa


I recently had the pleasure of going on vacation with my family and friends to celebrate The Boy’s birthday.  We traveled from April 19th – 26th and stayed at the Golden Parnassus Resort and Spa in Cancun, Mexico which we booked through Expedia.

The hotel is a bit dated and could use a fresh coat of paint.  The bell boys and check in staff are friendly however upon arrival they “could not find” our reservations.  The check in staff took our information and walked away and didn’t seem to keep us in the loop along the way as to what was going on.  So we sort of just sat there wondering but the lobby is open air and had a nice ocean breeze blowing through it and of course we were immediately served drinks.  Although quite annoyed by our experience upon arrival, they did eventually get it sorted out.

The rooms are a bit dated but they are bright, spacious and well kept.  House cleaning is very thorough and frequent.  

Absolutely exceptional beach!  No complaints in that department at all.  The sand is soft and warm, not too hot or too rocky to walk on barefoot.  The water is a beautiful turquoise and clear enough for you to see the fish and shells if you pay attention.  There is always a lifeguard on duty as well as servers walking around to refresh your drinks.  There are lounge chairs and cabanas however you have to get up early if you want to secure a spot.  There are locals walking around offering their wares but they are not overbearing.
They advertise two pools however there is really only one main pool and a smaller hot tub.  The main pool is not heated but the water is still warm enough to get right in.  The main bonus is that unlike many resorts the pool is open late until 11pm.  

The resort has a buffet restaurant and 4 a la carte’s and a snack bar.  The buffet is open every day for breakfast and lunch and has a great offering of food.  Both the breakfast and lunch buffet include 3 manned stations where the chef’s cook your food fresh to order. (omelettes, eggs, waffles, French toast, pancakes, smoothies,  tacos, fajitas, stirfy, pasta, etc.)
The service at the a la cartes are quick and friendly and the quality of food is fantastic.
If you go to the snack bar, order the chicken wings!

The quality of alcohol unfortunately was lacking.  Although they display many brands of alcohol they all suspiciously taste the same.  If you rarely drink, this may not be an issue but if you are brand loyal you will be disappointed.  I personally ended up walking across the street to purchase a bottle of Smirnoff because I couldn’t stomach the taste of whatever they were trying to pass off as vodka.

There is a small entertainment staff of 2-4 people throughout the day.  They have daytime activities such as beach volleyball, pool volleyball, beer chugging contests, dance contests, and pool races.  If you feel like venturing out, the resort is located about 5-10 minutes from 3 malls, a fleamarket, and a wal-mart.  The buses run every 10 minutes are only cost a dollar. The night time entertainment is limited to one lounge which offers karaoke most nights as well as a casino night where you can play blackjack for prizes.  They definitely need to improve in this area.  However there are a number of representatives walking around which will offer you various deals for local clubs.  Very safe and normally large groups of people go at a time.  They will provide you transportation to the club as well as open bar which ranges from $30-$90 depending on the location.  If you are not one to leave the resort and you go with a good group of people and you will still enjoy yourself.

I loved my vacation and would recommend this hotel if you are looking for a reasonably priced adults only in Cancun.  The 3 most important factors I look for when booking a vacation are 1) cleanliness – The place has to be immaculate.  2) Bugs – It cannot have any reports of roaches, or other disgusting critters. 3) Food – The food has to be great.  Although this resort does have a lot of room for improvement, it hit my 3 must have factors with ease.

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Monday, 21 March 2016


When the natural hair movement began most naturalistas had to resort to making their own products for their hair because most major hair companies were not yet hip to the fact that that women of color were boldly rocking their natural textures. As time passes many companies have begun to pay attention to what consumers, which is you and I, want. Or better yet, what we the consumers are spending our dollars on. As you may have noticed the beauty supply and big chain store shelves are filling up with more products dedicated to curly hair and natural textures. MOTIONS® threw its hat into the natural hair ring some time ago with products including, but not limited to, styling creams, deep conditioning masques and moisturizing cleansers. Yes MOTIONS®, the same company that promised you and I well-conditioned, beautiful, silky straight hair all enclosed in a smart marketing-heavy box. As it is with most big-named haircare line products I was a bit hesitant to try any of the products but thinking it over I decided to try the MOTIONS® Pre-Wash Detangling Butter.

Product States:
Melts into each hair strand providing deep penetrating moisture and instant tangle release. Infused with Shea Butter, Coconut and Avocado Oils, this ultra-moisturizing butter smoothes over each strand to provide the ideal slip and softness to promote less hair breakage.

My Hair Type:
In the type “4”, kinky and coily family.

My Process: 
The instructions state to add the butter to dry hair but I refuse to apply any product to my hair without adding a little bit of water to my hair first. I know, that’s very hard-headed of me. So I gave my hair a light spritzing of water and then parted it into four sections in preparation. I then made smaller sections within the four sections and applied the butter. I made the smaller sections to ensure thorough detangling. I initially used my fingers for detangling but then followed up with a wide tooth comb. I had my normal amount of shedding at the end of the process. Once I was done I then continued my wash day routine by following up with a shampoo, deep conditioning treatment and then a leave-in conditioner and styler.

My Thoughts:
Product Look, Scent and Texture – The detangling butter looked similar to most conditioners. The butter was very creamy with a lot of slip. Slip refers to how malleable the product is when it is worked throughout the hair. There is a light coconut and almond scent to the butter.
Results – Overall, the product did what is stated it would do. The slip of the product allowed my wide toothed combed to glide through my hair with ease. I felt the product worked well. If you are strict about what products you put on your hair this may not be the product for you. The label states shea butter as being one of the main ingredients. However, if you look at the ingredients label shea butter is lower on the list. Which means that there is a lot less shea butter in this product than the label would lead you to believe. Ingredients lists have to list the ingredients from most dominant to least dominant. If you’re willing to be light-hearted about your products then this product is worth purchasing for your detangling needs.

Have you tried this product? Have you tried any of Motions® Natural Hair Line? Make sure to comment.

Keisha Pavey

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Tuesday, 15 March 2016


We are finally becoming nestled into 2016. It seems like at the end of the year, every year, we reflect on what we’ve done, how we could have done things better, and of course we think about what we should have done. We remind ourselves of our goals and desires and how we came so close, yet still remained so far away, from achieving those things. For many of us naturalistas that often includes our hair goals. As we venture into 2016 here are some tips, or better yet my humble opinions, on how we can better handle our hair goals for the year.


Have you ever heard the phrase “My eyes were bigger than my stomach”? That statement is talking about food, however, that phrase can easily be used for other things in life too. We’ve all seen them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. The women who have accomplished amazing feats of length and luscious flowing tresses in what seems to be a short amount of time. And all we have to do is…follow exactly what they did. Including how they did it. And don’t forget what they used to do it with. We give it 6 weeks and if that doesn’t seem to work we’re then on to the next one. The problem is one of two things. First, we probably did not access all the factors involved. Like do you have a similar hair type or are you using the exact product the exact same way. The other thing is has that person given you all the facts. Do they even know the facts about their hair and the products they use? It’s important for us to experiment and see what works for ourselves and not worry too much about the next head of hair on our radar. Make practical goals, like trying to attain healthy hair. Or even to try to formulate a schedule or hair care regimen that you can stick with.


Once you have figured out what goal you want to set for your hair, decide on the best way to keep on track. Maybe you can set a reminder on your planner or calendar of which days are wash days and on which days you need to do a little extra like a deep conditioning treatment or using a protein treatment. You can even find a wash day buddy. Which is someone who chooses to care for their hair on the same day you do. They can text you and remind you that it’s wash day. Or even accompany you to the salon for a deep conditioning treatment. Of course taking pictures is also a very simple way to keep track of how you are doing.


As with any goal there will always be setbacks. Some of them are minor and some of them are a little tougher to get over. There is no set in stone guide to beautiful healthy hair. For everyone that journey is different. Anyone who you see as being successful at anything had to stumble along the way. If you find something that works for you then great, but if it takes some trial and error then don’t spend too much time worrying about it. This too shall pass. Your hair will be fine and so will you.

“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.” -Confucius. 

Keshia Pavey
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